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J.Solution – Hybrid technology Shampoo comes from Japan

Created: 20 Oct 2020  / Categories: Advertising, Branding

J.Solution shampoo uses the breakthrough Hybrid technology Shampoo comes from Japan, 97% natural essences from 17 natural ingredients including ginseng, cherry leaves, honey, aloe vera, seaweed, ...

Bonsey Jaden’s works

Created: 29 Sep 2019  / Categories: Advertising, Branding

This entry is about the work I've done at Bonsey Jaden, the agency that I'm working full-time for as an Art Director at the moment. Brands: AHC & Cetaphil.

Cat on A Hat – a liberal graphical label from Saigon, Vietnam.

Created: 13 Aug 2018  / Categories: Resources, Little Things Matter

So finally, Cat on A Hat is going to be relaunched in this September. Can't wait for the new designs to be released this time. The team has been working in the very detailed and hard to make ...

J. Solution | Scalp Shampoo & Treatment – Design practice

Created: 19 Apr 2018  / Categories: Resources, Little Things Matter, Advertising, Uncategorized

This is the design practice in my spare time, between projects. It was fun to get playing around with the ideas & execution in both copywriting & design times. The progress was required a bit of ...

Google Digital Garage – the free online marketing course

Created: 11 Apr 2018  / Categories: Resources, Little Things Matter

Google Digital Garage is a free online marketing training to get the digital skills you need to kickstart your own business. As a designer base, I feel a little late finding this course but ...

Show Your Work – Let’s just get started.

Created: 17 Mar 2018  / Categories: Reads, Books, Little Things Matter

SHOW YOUR WORK by Austin Kleon is such an inspirational book for anyone, who are procastinating & want to get started on something. Very well written & down-to-earth voice, that make the ...