Cat on A Hat cover

So finally, Cat on A Hat is going to be relaunched in this September.

Can’t wait for the new designs to be released this time. The team has been working in the very detailed and hard to make this time going great again :-).

The logo is changing from the abstract of the “cat on a hat” shape to the clearer image of the “cat on a hat” :-).

In the making, the fabric choices have been scouted and resourced very selective and high demand, to make sure that the outcome products are in the finest quality to Cat’s customer :-). The graphics are designed in details and very selective to have the possible great care in both content & visual before going to the production :-).

Young Dumb Broke” is the main theme this time and also one of the slogans and the spirits going along with the Cat’s brand :-). Here is some rationales for this seemingly weirdo idea ^^. We’ll always be young and always be hungry for new ideas, always exciting for new exploration and adventure. Also, the age is only the state of mind and again we’ll always be young and fabulous ;-). Being dumb is the way to play or be to learn better, to be believed ^^. Being broke is really not a bad thing. The idea of having nothing makes us to crave more, do better and be more creative to get anything :-).

Being a kid and hyper all the time means having so much energy to be creative :-). The inner child’s spirits make wonderful things.

Not so much in narrative, this is it for the re-introduction about Cat on A Hat. The story behind the brand name is not very a myth or anything but it’s fun to keep it open creative :D.

To be continue…

And here’s one of the designs in the come-back collection 🙂

Cat on A Hat - Young Dumb Broke

Young Dumb Broke – Cat on A Hat