Customay is a service combined between Clothing Manufacturer & Design Studio.

Customay = Custom + May. The mix between English & Vietnamese words. May in Vietnamese means sewing.

My partner & I were brainstorming and having so many different kinds of the name of the business. There were some goods & bads & so fun. Then finally we’ve got the right one that we both love.

Once we’ve got the name, the design came after in 15 minutes. Luckily we’ve got the designer in-house hah, lol.

By the way, it took us a quite of time to think about the business that could use both of our strengths (hers is manufacture, marketing & commerce background, mine is design, advertising & digital marketing), and even there’s a lot lot more to work on and work on, we’re happy to soon launch it.

So far, the facebook page, Instagram account, the contact email and the temporary website are up. Also the Google Analytic for the web is setup as well, hehe.

My partner, who is good at writing, is now planning and typing out the content for the whole thing & working on the product’s development, hehe. I myself in another hand, am working on all the mockups & the portfolio & all other visual non-name things supporting the business.

Hehe, done for the update.