Jsolution Scalp Shampoo & Treatment

This is the design practice in my spare time, between projects. It was fun to get playing around with the ideas & execution in both copywriting & design times. The progress was required a bit of many skills such as photo manipulation, image choice, typography & content writing. Everything was spontaneously thought & done within a day.

J. Solution is a natural scalp shampoo & treatment product from Japan. The product is for both women & men in AB class. J. Solution will be selectively distributed in Vietnam.

There are mistakes here and there, I know, but the time spent was fun. So now here they are, shared with the public, he he 😀

They are only my own personal works, not for advertising or any clients.

The images are credited to gettyimages & shutterstock



PS: sorry for all content on the ads is in Vietnamese ^^.

J Solution

Beautiful women with beautiful hair without dandruff.

J Solution Ads
J Solution Ads
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