Show Your Work by Austin Kleon

SHOW YOUR WORK by Austin Kleon is such an inspirational book for anyone, who are procastinating & want to get started on something. Very well written & down-to-earth voice, that make the whole book very entertaining to read.

Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating. – John Cleese

This book got me to start right a way updating my personal online site, that I’ve ditched for a very long time with so many excuses. Then just recently it only took me 12 hours to get my refreshing profile online as you can see now 😉 .

In order to get started on something, motivation or purpose is the key hook. However, the inspirations also play the big part. I was very lucky to be introduced to this wonderful book by my friend Anna. It took me a week to finish the book. It’s not because I’m lazy or it’s hard to read. I’m just afraid of that the book is going to end soon and no good lines to get me anymore ^^. I’d love to share this book to anyone that’s wandering around or finding a push to start a thing, or just a book for new ideas, new resources & new purposes.